Interludes for Good Friday

About:  Walt Harrah commissioned me to compose interludes and underscore for a special Good Friday reading service in 2012. I was privileged to be a part part of such a powerful retelling of Christ’s suffering. The service was structured around a dramatic reading of a script, which was a synthesis of Jesus’ passion pulled from the different Gospel accounts. At certain points in the story, the reading pauses for musical interludes, and on a few occasions, the music functions as underscore. The result is a dramatic and beautiful reliving of Christ’s darkest night.

Premiere:  Pearl Botts, Alex Granger, Kelly Wright, Kasey Johnson, Sarah Jong, Evan Eliason, Kristen Liere, and Will Gearheart on April 6th, 2012 at Grace EV Free Church, La Mirada, CA.

Instrumentation:  voice, strings, harp, timpani, narrator.

Duration:  ca. 50-60 minutes (with script); ca. 20 minutes (music alone)