About:  I don’t usually write music about specific things. Rather, my composition tends to be what I’m guessing is a crystallization of some subconscious memory or emotion. Forgetting and remembering are subtle, tricky things, so I think this title fits the music somehow. There is some kind of yearning that never fully finds itself in the opening melody, all the while underpinned by an uneven plucked heartbeat. The second movement is the melody’s unrelenting recollection. This piece was born out of partnership with Vijay through SFCM’s Viola Project IX early in 2014. 

Premiere:  Vijay Chalasani on April 27th, 2014 at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music's Sol Joseph Recital Hall, San Francisco, CA.

Instrumentation:  solo viola

Duration:  ca. 7 minutes